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Square Masts

Thanks to our well-proven modular system it is possible to use telescope masts for many different applications, such as ground mounting with tilting feature, mounting on house walls, ability to rotate and tilt it, mounting under roof for bigger height or mounting on care trailer or truck.

In addition to our standard masts we manufacture also telescope masts with 7, 8 and 9 sliding elements.

The most important features of Square Masts:

  • square aluminum or stainless steel tubes
  • modular design
  • compact and robust
  • absolute safe against rotation
  • nearly noiseless operation
  • safe stop in any position
  • positive drive in both directions
  • electric drive unit with remote control can be easily attached and dismantled
  • uniform extending and retracting of each element
  • all components used for extending and retracting are protected inside the mast
  • corrosion resistant because all profiles, screws, ropes and rope mechanism are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel
  • the integrated rope hoist is designed to take care of all elements
  • absolute protection against rope jumping off rope wheels inside the masts
  • the tubular profile allows to retract the antenna tube for FM-antennas inside the telescope mast

The individual installed load and wind load must be considered separately for each application. It may require to secure the mast with anchor lines. Generally speaking when using anchor lines a slimmer mast design can be used.


Following tubes are available:

Square Tubes
Stainless Steel-
Square Tubes
200x200x5 mm 200x200x4 mm
175x175x4 mm 180x180x4 mm
150x150x5 mm 160x160x4 mm
120x120x5 mm 140x140x4 mm
104x104x5 mm 120x120x4 mm
89x89x4 mm 104x104x5 mm
77x77x4 mm 80x80x4 mm
65x65x4 mm 60x60x4 mm
50x50x4 mm 50x50x4 mm
40x40x4 mm 40x40x3 mm

All aluminum profiles are made of AlMgSi07 with anodized surface E6/EV1, thickness 0,022 mm. Stainless steel profiles are made of stainless steel 1.4301 or 1.4571.

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