FLAMMEX PULL - Teleskopmaste

Teleskop for Spinnaker, Gennaker, Blister und Genua

TELESCOPIC TREE for spinnaker, gennaker, blisters and Genoa … speed gain.

Teleskopbaum mit Edelstahlschellen

Teleskopbaum Packmaß


PRICE: only 395, – € incl VAT

The telescopic boom is manufactured by us. On the basis of 40 years experience, we are one of the leading manufacturer of telescopic masts for military, firefighters, and radio range.

Developed and tested by Managing Director and SKS – Owner Wolfgang Frick.
Our chef Mr Wolfgang Frick, a passionate sailor, could test the self-development already successful.

Teleskopbaum für Spinnaker, Gennaker, Blister und Genua
Technical description:
inserted 73 cm
extended: 5 m
Silver anodized aluminum, stainless steel clamps with locking screws
2mm wall thickness
AlMgSi 05